98% of consumers under 35 use the Internet and use the technology to buy services and products. 74% of customers have access to “smart” phones. Now they want that experience on large screens too.

LBC Digital has the knowledge and technical partners to help you on the processes involved in maximising the benefits of digital technology and it is not just screens either. Our experts know about related technology too like RFID, NFC, Augmented Reality, I-beacons and more.

Digital Screens

Our most popular freestanding digital screens stand at 1.8 metres tall and make an impressive addition to any reception area or lobby. They are particularly well suited for businesses looking to cross-sell products and services. 

The bright and colourful screens can display your advertisements or advertisements created exclusively by our team of professional designers. Whether you are exhibiting at a trade show, an exhibition or within your own premises, they are sure to impress.

Digital signage is a term that was first coined in 1992 to describe a network of videowalls in UK shopping centres. It has grown massively from a method of simple advertising to provide very sophisticated and “state of the art” technological solutions for a wide range of marketing and communication issues.

As a small player in a rapidly changing global market place LBC Digital has focussed on two aspects in the provision of extra business opportunities in the arena it knows best i.e. the world of small and medium sized businesses.

If you would like to find out more about our free standing digital screens or any of the other screens, including bespoke, interactive and wall mounted screens, please get in touch.